An accessory, a world: one’s own

In every season, occasion or situation, sunglasses define our style: they are much more than simple accessories, they are nothing less than a synthesis of our personality, a uniform to intro- duce ourselves to the world. A magic filter, conferring beauty and mystery, influencing the clothes we choose, evoking myths and fashion trends, representing new styles. The project of Pugnale&Nyleve sunglasses collection is deeply influenced by very many stylistic references, from the Fifties to the exclusive brocade textures and the timeless aviator style. Pug- nale&Nyleve boasts perfect working techniques, top-quality lenses and impeccable details. As a matter of fact, in Pugnale&Nyleve sunglasses, that are totally and in every phase manufactured in Italy, research on style goes hand in hand with excellent materials, top craftsmanship and at- tention to details. This is the way how objects of desire are created: symbols of luxury without compromises. Our collections offer a wide array of models, in different versions, to pair with clothes, moods and occasions.